professional training

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Ike jime is a practice that requires serious training and skill in order to meet the highest standards of seafood quality. Contrary to popular belief, ike jime is not as easily mastered as popular media may suggest. In order to maintain the integrity of this practice and to safeguard the risk of cheapening an authentic method of responsible, humane harvest, we offer the only current, relevant, and scientifically-supported training programs in the United States. Presently, we offer three levels of intensive professional training and certification:

  • Minimum 8 hours classroom instruction
  • 6 hours live fish
  • Minimum 16 hours classroom instruction
  • 12 hours live fish
  • 8 hours comparative fish fabrication
  • Minimum 32 hours classroom instruction
  • 24 hours live fish
  • 16 hours comparative fish fabrication
  • 24 hours commercial cooking experience

Any individual trained, tested, and certified by our standards are among the most knowledgeable and skilled seafood handlers in the world. All three professional training programs include mandatory and interactive classroom learning, live handling training, a written examination, and re-certification requirements every three years.

additional training

Ike Jime Charter Boat and Recreational Training Image

training for charter boat businesses

Charter fishing may offer the most obvious opportunity for clients to bring home the highest quality fish caught that day. We encourage charter Captains and mates, whether operating offshore or inshore trips, to learn how to send clients home with true ike jime-quality fish that will continue to reward clients long after the trip ends. We will list all charter fishing businesses featuring certified Captains and mates on our website, and we will offer continued support to help these boats distinguish themselves from the competition.

training for recreational and sport fishing

If you are a recreational angler interested in taking your catch and cook fishing experiences to the next level, we offer abbreviated training modules. These seminars may be species-specific or region-specific, and focus on providing instruction on proper technique and necessary equipment whether on foot or on small watercraft. Please contact us for more information on learning more about how the art of ike jime can transform your own fishing experience.

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